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Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro is a nanoceramic protection system of the new generation. It is based on a unique formula of ceramic molecular compounds.

An innovative solution for surface protection in automotive, marine, aircraft, construction, machinery and textile industries.

What do they do?

Ceramic Pro's professional product line has been created by the global technology leader Nanoshine LTD (Taiwan). At its core is a unique ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics) forming solid coatings.

Ceramic Pro ensures unmatched possibilities for preservation of surfaces of cars, sailboats, boats, aircrafts, construction and industrial objects, garments, accessories, etc. It guarantees an ideal appearance and protection of any surface.


Advantages of Ceramic Pro

Our Involvement

As a certified UK applicator, we offer the Ceramic Pro nano coating range at our MotorWorks studio as an exclusive stand alone package to protect your new car purchase with a selection of detailing and treatment surfaces

These coatings are applied to the exterior surfaces, wheel and glass which all act as a resilient barrier to protect these vulnerable areas against the elements of frequent to daily driving

Ceramic Pro Overview:
Light - up to 6 months hydrophobic protection
9H multi layer - from 36 to 60 months resilient ceramic protection
Sport - up to 3 months hydrophobic protection
Rain - rain repellent glass protection
Wheel & Caliper - prevents against brake dust binding to the surfaces for up to 24 months

Ceramic Pro Product & Service Quality Guaranty.

SGS is the world's largest and leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company trusted by millions.

SGS certificates confirm Ceramic Pro's hardness of 9H and guarantee safety and non-toxicity for people and environment.